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President of ManpowerGroup LATAM. As President of ManpowerGroup for Latin America I am responsible for the operation of 18 countries, with more than 3,500 employees and more than 120,000 outsourced employees. I participate in different councils of educational, governmental and business institutions such as Confederation of Employers of the Mexican Republic (COPARMEX), Business Coordinating Council (CCE), Mexican Association of Human Capital Companies (AMECH), American Chamber (AMCHAM) Women in Senior Management (CIMAD). In addition, I am President of the ManpowerGroup Foundation, a promoter of diversity and alliances between governments, civil society organizations and private initiative to tie supply and demand in the formal labor market. I was distinguished by the Senate of the Mexican Republic as "Outstanding Woman of the Year 2011". In 2016, I received the "Flame, Life and Women" award in the Business Area, granted by the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, Mexico, as well as the recognition "Women of the Year of Mexico and Latin America in Business" by the Mexican Institute Of Public Accountants. I have been recognized as one of the five most outstanding women in Corporate Social Responsibility and as one of the most powerful business entrepreneurs in Latin America.
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4 things all job-seeking millennials should remember

Posted by Mónica Flores Barragán on May 25, 2017 at 11:13 PM

When I’m with my teenage daughter I am reminded that millennials, like the young generations before them, are not one homogenous group. There are certainly commonalities – we all know that Wi-Fi, access to Snapchat and of course a smartphone are necessities for most millennials, including my daughter – but when it comes to finding out what makes them tick, and the career that’s right for them, there is no one-size-fits all approach.

And yet, when I am at one of my regular speaking events on employment, talent and the world of work, I often get questions from young people about how they can prepare for the world of work. It’s been quite some years since I got my first job, but because at ManpowerGroup we find work for thousands of people every day, I see a few things come up again and again.

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Topics: Millennials, Learnability, Upskilling, Career Security, Gender Parity